What We Do

We are longstanding trusted advisors to private equity firms and/or their portfolio companies helping them buy, grow or sell health care provider assets.

As the leading advisory firm working with private equity sponsors, their portfolio companies, management teams at healthcare corporations, bankers, and lenders – we are well versed in helping provider platforms expand by helping them gain clarity and confidence around reimbursement, payment, medical audit, and compliance risk.


Medical Audit & Compliance

We provide medical billing, coding, and operational compliance consulting to optimize revenue cycle and mitigate risks.


Reimbursement & Regulatory

We provide sophisticated institutional investors with strategic policy analysis and long-range advisory diligence on developing federal and state healthcare legislative and regulatory matters while providing clarity on commercial payer rates and trends. 


Policy Reviews & Outlook

For buy-side, sell-side, post-acquisition advisory, and deliverables to retainer clients, a primary mandate of Farragut’s engagements and capabilities focus on policy reviews and forecasts.

In addition to publishing timely commentary on legislative and regulatory activities coming out of Washington, Farragut frequently advises clients on actions taken by states and managed care plans. Supported by decades of experience, our process knowledge informs the accurate forecasting of new policies introduced by Congress, CMS, MedPAC, Medicaid, Commercial Payors, and other healthcare stakeholders. Select examples include:

  • Value-Based Care priorities for Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Payors/Managed Care
  • The No Surprises Act, the Qualifying Payment Amount, and the Independent Dispute Resolution process
  • Congressional intervention for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule’s conversion factor cuts, sequestration, and PAYGO
  • Medicaid redetermination rollout and impact on waiver and non-waiver programs
  • Analysis of proposed and final rulemaking by CMS and annual recommendations by MedPAC
  • Implementation of the Patient-Driven Payment Model for SNFs and the Patient-Driven Groupings Model for Home Health Agencies

Commercial Payor/Managed Care Strategy

Farragut prepares recommendations for payor strategy based on our expertise in managed care and knowledge of payor perspectives, goals, and approaches for specific sectors and specialties.

Farragut’s payor strategy advisory work includes:

  • Recommendations for fact-finding questions to ask payors to understand policies and priorities for credentialing, fee schedule structures (e.g., percentage of Medicare), timely filing requirements, appeals process, medical necessity, and utilization management
  • Recommendations for data and information the provider should prepare for presentation during negotiation with payors
  • Support for crafting a narrative on how the data support the provider’s outcomes-focused model
  • Support for crafting a narrative on network adequacy needs that the provider addresses for the payor (e.g., focus on rural/underserved markets)
  • Strategies for regional and national Master Services Agreement negotiations
  • Recommendations for how to successfully execute strategy, including establishing relationships with key contacts and the sequence of approaching payors to produce a successful outcome

Health Care Advisory

Farragut offers bespoke retainer arrangements with banks, lending institutions, and PE sponsors to support the need for timely reviews of investment opportunities across the healthcare services continuum.

Our analysts and senior executives provide “quick takes” to help clients identify tailwinds and headwinds for sectors and specialties. Farragut’s government and managed care teams leverage diligence work and research to support our retainer clients with the following:

  • Farragut’s opinion of sectors and specialties based on reimbursement and regulatory environments
  • Evaluation of near-term investment opportunities based on the target asset’s payor mix, states of operation, procedure mix, drug mix, and key codes
  • Preparation for meetings with management teams and bankers to gain a deeper understanding of a target asset’s operations, managed care contracts and arrangements, and expansion strategy
  • Semi-annual or annual portfolio reviews to outline Farragut’s outlook for reimbursement and regulatory impacts to inform pro-forma performance
  • Monthly update calls to review legislative and regulatory activities impacting healthcare services providers
  • White papers on requested topics to provide a deeper dive


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