What We Do

We are longstanding trusted advisors to private equity firms and/or their portfolio companies helping them buy, grow or sell health care provider assets.

As the leading advisory firm working with private equity sponsors, their portfolio companies, management teams at healthcare corporations, bankers, and lenders – we are well versed in helping provider platforms expand by helping them gain clarity and confidence around reimbursement, payment, medical audit, and compliance risk.


Medical Audit & Compliance

We provide medical billing, coding, and operational compliance consulting to optimize revenue cycle and mitigate risks.


Reimbursement & Regulatory

We provide sophisticated institutional investors with strategic policy analysis and long-range advisory diligence on developing federal and state healthcare legislative and regulatory matters while providing clarity on commercial payer rates and trends. 

Medical Audit & Compliance

We liaise with private equity investors and corporate C-suite to help them evaluate the health of a medical or a dental practice and its downstream revenue stability. Clients rely on Farragut because of our unparalleled understanding of both the business of healthcare, and its underlying compliance, regulatory, and audit risk.

Our coding auditors have real-world experience working with revenue cycle management teams at multi-specialty PPM groups and hospitals. We pinpoint if the issues identified during the billing & coding or compliance audits are concerning or in fact opportunities for operational improvement.

Our technical coding experts alongside our commercially minded account managers work with internal revenue cycle, M&A, and/or compliance departments providing arms and legs to support the growth of our provider practice clients. 

Due Diligence



Test the stability and growth of the target’s revenue stream and ensure earnings are accurate and reliable.



Own your billing, coding, and compliance narrative via a strong sell-side report by an entity long admired and trusted by the buy side. 

On-Going & Transaction-Related Medical Audit

  • M&A experts helping complete the toughest deals efficiently while fostering respect and mutual admiration among all parties to the deal. 
  • Quarterly or annual billing & coding reviews as part of an independent review or as a substitute for an internal audit.
  • The audit includes an assessment with a corrective action plan as applicable for risk mitigation, as well as a report to document findings and decrease risk.

Clinical Coding Education

  • Farragut's Certified Coding Instructors offer targeted interactive training to fit your business needs.
  • Roadmaps developed with your Revenue Cycle Team to protect the practice from financial losses and legal issues.
  • Particularly useful to practices where we have identified errors in our reviews. We work with the entities to create a tailored plan to fix the issues.

Benefits of Due Diligence: M&A or Internal

    • Clarity on the validity of a target's revenue stream
    • Assessment of compliance quality and integrity
    • Showcase a strong asset to lenders or buyers
    • A strong supporting document in negotiating valuation
    • Maintain payment integrity and high provider engagement
    • Minimize denials
    • Capture unrealized revenue
    • Integration support through targeted training


We support your platform's compliance effort and help you assess the compliance strength of your target companies.

M&A-focused compliance services: whether buy side or sell side, we evaluate the strength of the target’s compliance standards and processes, giving you clarity into the transaction. We help people get deals done.

Compliance Internal Control Strategic Plan: Farragut’s proprietary Compliance Internal Control Strategic Plan ensures that your practice continuously showcases top-tier compliance practices and a living culture of compliance, particularly as you scale.

In concert with your current Compliance team, we assess your current program, identify any deficiencies and act as a sounding board to help the CCO and/or a designate to integrate, monitor and continuously audit standards and processes. The plan includes checklists for your key stakeholders, including the Compliance Committee and for the Board of Directors.

100-Day Plan: As ownership changes hands, our work with the new stakeholders ensures that strong compliance is carried over to the new iteration and steps are put in to ensure that the compliance program scales commensurate with the growth of the platform. This can be done in concert with the Compliance Internal Control Strategic Plan or independently.

Compliance Alliance: Whether serving as interim compliance officers or via a set number of hours per month, we support healthcare provider entities’ compliance needs nationwide and across every specialty.

Training: We provide tailored training support as part of new hire, focused, and annual training, which centers on addressing identified gaps, while also emphasizing applicable regulatory requirements.

Our clients include:

· Private equity investors looking for clarity around the compliance practices of targets they are interested in acquiring or selling.

· Private equity-backed health care services provider platforms attempting to standardize fragmented compliance programs and to upgrade their own programs as the entity scales.

· Independent health care services entities seeking support in creating premier compliance programs, particularly ahead of a sale to private equity.

Our approach stresses the successful development and implementation of a preeminent compliance program. We help support compliance efforts from minimal or reactionary to control mode and bolster the confidence of the C-suite and the Board around their asset's compliance culture and activity.

Compliance Internal Control Strategic Plan, Benefits


Risk Management

Responding to and investigating reports of non-compliance or concern submitted via the compliance hotline, and helping the target’s CCO/designate implement appropriate corrective action.


Continuous Support for Board/Compliance Committee

Continuous monitoring and oversight of auditing and compliance standards.



Developing and conducting new hire, periodic, and annual compliance training.  Emphasis is placed on tailored training support around identified gaps showcasing remediation, and documenting appropriately.



Promoting a culture of compliance at all levels, including the C-Suite and the Board of Directors.



Managing the document life cycle by reviewing and revising current compliance policies and procedures or helping CCOs/designates develop and implement new ones.


Exclusion Checks

Conducting exclusion checks for new and existing employees, contractors, and vendors.


We liaise with  investigations support teams and assist with government and payor investigations.

We help clients understand, analyze, and resolve allegations under the False Claims Act under privilege and in conjunction with legal representation. 



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