Private Equity Sponsors

Private equity sponsors turn to Farragut for a variety of federal, state-specific and multi-state regulatory and/or legislative projects. We also help sponsors with market, volume and utilization analyses and other tailored data driven forecasts within our data analytics team. For commercial payers, we provide coverage, policy, payment and customized reimbursement outlooks, and trend analyses for both national and local markets. Additionally, we provide medical audit and compliance program reviews for sponsors who either currently own or are looking to buy physician practice platforms.

Deep understanding of managed care and payer related drivers and technicals.

Troy Phillips, Managing Director - Beecken Petty O’Keefe

Farragut understands policy arcs and how to present technical information to inform our decision making.

Nader Naini, Managing General Partner - Frazier Healthcare Partners

Sample Advisory and Diligence Requests

A sample list of diligences we have completed for our private equity clients is provided below. For a more comprehensive list, please contact

Post-Acute, Managed Care, Hospital and Physician ServicesMedicaid and State-based IssuesDevices, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Imaging and LabsBehavioral HealthManaged Care Contract Review and AnalysisThe Farragut Advantage™
  • Outpatient therapy payment, regional volume review and regulatory prognostication in Medicaid, Workers Compensation, and Commercial accounts (national and local).
  • Home Health, Home Care (non-skilled), Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and Hospice reimbursement prognoses, payer surveys, data trend forecasts and state-based outlooks.
  • Reimbursement outlook for anesthesiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, women’s health, ophthalmology and numerous other physician service areas.
  • Market demand analysis and commercial payer assessment by facility and region for a long-term care hospital platform.
  • Payer analysis and code review for psychiatric hospital asset.
  • Overview and primer of home risk assessments under Medicare Advantage (MA) and outlook for home risk assessment policy in the MA and Managed Medicaid space.
  • Understanding the policy surrounding the risk adjustment environment and a thorough diligence of the prospective and retrospective risk adjustment activity for various products (MA, MMC, and HIX).
  • Overview of payment policies and utilization trends for Medicare Advantage, and rates in various counties, as well as an outlook for future MA reimbursement.
  • Outlook for unskilled home care/health in New York and Pennsylvania.
  • Review of behavioral health services-related platforms in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee.
  • Texas-based pediatric home therapy business reimbursement outlook.
  • Florida Medicare/Medicaid trends and forecast for primary care services.
  • Adult day care trend and multi-payer trend assessment in several geographies.
  • Outpatient psychiatric and telemedicine business growth prospects in California and contiguous territories.
  • Multi-state analysis of Medicaid managed care and MA-related platforms.
  • Market, utilization and payer analysis for emergency transport for multiple states.
  • Radiation oncology and related services code review and prognostication.
  • Mammography and related services code, payment and regulatory review.
  • Mobile imaging, ultrasound and MRI coding studies.
  • Orthotics, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), wheelchair and numerous other DME-focused trend prognostications.
  • Commercial payer trend analyses for toxicology lab tests.
  • Payment outlooks for molecular and esoteric labs, and prognoses for specific codes.
  • Outpatient and inpatient psychiatric payer and managed care contract review.
  • Methadone clinic reimbursement and multi-state regulatory outlook.
  • State-based intellectual and development disabilities (IDD) reimbursement projections and payer survey work.
  • Out-of-network sustainability for substance abuse and payment estimates for certain procedures performed in these centers.
  • Contract provisions that impact rates (i.e., escalators, etc.)
  • Analysis of re-negotiation language, including the risks and rewards of keeping current language or making amendments
  • Analysis of whether payers are operating a wrap network for out-of-network solutions
  • Identification of Silent PPO issues
  • Farragut’s competitive advantage and our diligence process flow (The Farragut Advantage™) incorporates first-class quality control and partner-level involvement on each transaction and diligence. Our goal is to provide a prognosis useful to your process to inspire confidence and provide clarity.
  • We bring a long track record of successfully working with sponsors nationally on a wide variety of processes, usually under tight time constraints. Our capital markets expertise and trade execution experience underscores our unique due diligence framework that delivers insightful, concise forecasts useful to our clients’ models.
  • Our team comprises former senior Washington staffers, health policy advocates, state-focused policy experts and seasoned insurance professionals who understand the regulatory process and the perspective of decision making bureaucrats and payers. We also draw on the expertise of a broad national network of policy and payment specialists. This depth of practical knowledge and our expansive lineup of contacts enables our senior staff to anticipate near- and longer-term outlooks, and to deliver informed and reliable research and diligence.