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Decoding Signals from the Noise

Farragut’s differentiated, targeted and heavily researched approach to the due diligence process ultimately results in an admirable track record that adds value for clients. Our goal is to help them stay ahead of changing policy arcs by providing thorough and thoughtful advice that inspires confidence and earns value.

The firm’s team of senior professionals brings a deep understanding of the government’s decision-making process that was developed through longstanding and respected tenures on Capitol Hill, and field experience at health advocacy agencies and state-focused concerns.

Our institutional investor client services include:

Leading Research

Farragut-moderated conferences
and events with policy thought leaders

Compendiums on sectors, themes
and catalysts

Regulatory and/or legislative previews
ahead of calendar catalysts

Concise, thoughtful commentary
following material regulatory releases

Real-time availability of senior staff
for clarification or follow-up inquiries

For a copy of our latest quarterly compendium, please contact info@farragutsquaregroup.com

Meaningful policy expertise and a really great group of people to work with.

Michael Watts, Partner - Linden Capital Partners