Our Name

Why Farragut Square Group?

When Alina and I formed our company, we wanted a symbol that defined not just our firm, but our personal outlook. We revere George Washington, and our great institutional landmarks, but we knew we needed to find inspiration in less commonly used symbols.

We wanted a landmark with ties to New York and Washington that symbolized our commitment and our clients’ locales. That’s when we created the name Farragut Square. I had spent many years after leaving the Hill working near Farragut Square, which is close to the White House and in the heart of downtown Washington.

Alina previously lived near Madison Square Park in New York where Admiral Farragut is also honored. She now resides in Westchester County where several major roadways honor the Admiral who moved there following his Civil War heroics. The idea of nautical inspiration was meaningful to us because we spend our days helping clients navigate the ever-changing shoals of healthcare regulatory and reimbursement policy.

Admiral Farragut sits in the pantheon of Navy war heroes. He is most famous for his order, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” during the Battle of Mobile Bay. It is a memorable command that speaks to the heart of the entrepreneur.

Farragut’s task was to seize control of one of the most formidable and best defended Southern ports. Knowing that advancing was critical to success, Farragut issued his decisive order and won the campaign. He rose above the fog of battle, kept sight of the bigger picture, and calmly assessed his alternatives.

We could not ask for a better inspiration for our business. Farragut’s image is incorporated in our logo and it embodies his most admirable traits: Resolute, Decisive, Insightful and Unshakable.

Brian Fortune, President

Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

Admiral David Farragut